How to exploit the low-cost advantage of growing cannabis outdoors while solving the challenges of the weather, cross pollination, contamination, harvesting and drying

3 different cannabis production systems which help achieve a low cost of production while minimizing the initial investment using automatic retractable roof houses

With the unwillingness of the capital markets to fund more high cost indoor or high-tech greenhouse cannabis projects, many producers have been exploring how to grow cannabis outdoors to reduce both their cost per gram and overall investment. However, those that have experimented with growing cannabis outdoors have learned the hard way that there are major challenges due to adverse weather conditions, cross pollination, and contamination. While some weather challenges were anticipated, the largest growers quickly experienced huge logistical challenges in harvesting and drying since all their crops matured at the same time. Some growers grew a very healthy crop only to find that the flowers ended up getting pollinated or that the flowers at harvest time were contaminated with chemicals or mold. The difficulty in profitably growing indoors, in high tech greenhouses or outdoors has now created a situation where producers in both cold and warm climates are trying to figure out how to profitably grow cannabis now and in the future. We have created 3 solutions which helps cannabis growers worldwide ensure their long-term profitability at a reasonable investment.

How to Reengineer Cannabis Production

Read a white paper written by Cravo President Richard Vollebregt where he outlines the thought process for how to reengineer cannabis production which combines indoor and outdoor production.

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Update on comparison of Atlas blueberries in a retractable cooling house and tunnels, Mexico, Feb/21

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