The X­-Frame is our newest peaked roof model and it is designed more as a retractable field and orchard cover. The X-­Frame is normally used on installations greater than 1 hectare and the structure is designed as a tension structure with perimeter bracing cables on all 4 walls. The special truss design allows the house to follow gentle changes in the slope of the land making it ideal for covering fields where grading of the land is not desired. The X-­Frame has the additional advantage that stationary or retractable insect net can be installed underneath the retractable roof. This creates the best combination of a nethouse and a retractable roof to help eliminate the problems of rain, cold and excessive heat under the insect net.

House widths: 9.6 m (31.5 ft)

Gutter heights: 4.3m, 5m

10 Steps to Choosing a Retractable Roof Production System


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