Flat Roof

Flat Roof

The Flat Roof is our original house design dating back to 1981. The flat roof is the lowest cost of all 4 house models and is designed to cover hectares of crops that need protection from cold, heat, wind, hail and the impact of rain. The uncoated roof covering allows rain to penetrate through the covering and the coated roof covering has a grid pattern of slits allowing rain to penetrate at slit locations allowing parts of the plant to stay dry. The flat roof house is extremely efficient to operate since one motor can power nearly 1 hectare of roofs. Insect net can also be installed below the roof to provide insect protection when the roofs are retracted.

House widths: 8m (26.3”), 9.6 m (31.6 ft)

Post heights: 5 m (16 ft), 6 m (19-8”ft)

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