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Options for managing rain when selecting a retractable roof house

10 Steps To Creating Your "Retractable Roof Production System" based on your climate and crop requirements

Step 1: Decide if stationary or retractable insect net is required under the retractable roof

Step 2: Choose the house model

A-Frame, Rafter, X-Frame or Flat Roof

Step 3: Choose the roof covering

White cooling roof or Clear greenhouse roof

Step 4: Decide how to ventilate in peaked roof house when it is raining

Through the perimeter walls if the house is less than 1 hectare or by installing a rain canopy on every 4, 5 or 6 houses if the house is larger than 1 hectare

Step 5: Determine optimal house orientation to ensure that shadows and sunlight are always moving across the crop.

Step 6: Decide if additional climate control is required:

a. Fog or low-pressure mist

b. Retractable interior curtain systems for cooling, heat retention, insect control or blackout

c. Bird net

Step 7: Choose perimeter wall design for each of the 4 walls

a. Choose wall covering: Stationary insect net, white cooling covering or clear greenhouse covering

b. Is white or clear wall covering going to be stationary or installed on a motorized roll up curtain?

c. Will insect net be installed over the roll up curtain opening?

d. Will roll up curtain extend down to the ground or to a kneewall?

Step 8: Decide if crops will be grown in soil or hydroponically

a. If hydroponically, chose whether the container will be white or black

Step 9: Determine number of growing zones and plant density

Step 10: Decide if the climate control computer that will automate control of the roof, walls and misting system will also control internal growing systems like irrigation, fertigation and heat

10 Steps to Designing Your Retractable Roof Production System


Book summarizing the 35 years of experience and history of the retractable roof houses, 4th edition


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