Our singular focus on automatic retractable roof houses globally has provided us a wealth of knowledge on strategies for how growers in warm and hot climates can achieve superior financial results. To determine which of the over 75 solutions we have available is appropriate for you, we help you analyze:

  • Crops and Market
    • What are the critical climatic factors for optimal crop development
    • What are the weather extremes that need to be managed
    • How to target the high price windows or ship longer distances to markets where higher prices can be realized
  • Cost and availability of inputs like water, electricity and labor
  • Finance
    • Financial constraints regarding the amount of capital available
    • Desire to minimize the capital invested or invest more to ensure long term flexibility

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Options for managing rain when selecting a retractable roof house

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What the cherry, grape and berry industry has been wanting for years…is now available! Introducing Cravo’s AUTODRY™ automatic retractable rain shelters systems…the newest member to the Cravo family of retractable roof houses!

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Key learnings from a user of growing in Cravo retractable greenhouses and cooling houses for over 15 years

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Extending the season in the Florida heat using a retractable cooling roof

To help you create production systems that exploit your climatic advantages and outperform outdoor or conventional greenhouse systems, there are over 75 different solutions using 4 different house models, 11 roofs different roof covering and using 1, 2 or 3 retractable layers. These wide range of options will help create a solution that suits your climate, crop and budget.

These 75 solutions have been developed over the last 40 years as we developed different retractable roof structures, drive systems and coverings to provide the solutions that were requested by our customers in tropical, desert and temperate climates.

To help narrow down which solutions are most appropriate for you, we have consolidated the best practices and key learnings from our customers growing vegetables, fruits, berries and flowers into our “10 Steps” brochure. These 10 steps methodically ask the key questions that need to be answered with a summary at the end which will helps narrow down the optimal specifications.

Book summarizing the 40 years of experience and history of the retractable roof houses, 4th edition


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