Lettuce & Herbs

Fast growing lettuce and herbs that is crunchy, flavorful and brightly colored and with minimal or no chemicals. That is easy when you combine climate optimization, nature and protection using an automated retractable roof. We can create a climate solution that fits your crop and budget regardless of whether you are looking to protect your field crop from weather extremes, or want to grow under a retractable roof with insect screening and a sophisticated hydroponic system.

Lettuce & Herbs

Lettuce & Herbs  Lettuce & Herb Videos

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Update on comparison of Atlas blueberries in a retractable cooling house and tunnels, Mexico, Feb/21

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Growing lettuce in 39C or 102F in a retractable cooling house with mist, June 2, 2016

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Retractable roof houses with tilapia, lettuce, herbs and cucumbers

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Aquaponics System in a Retractable Roof Greenhouse in Florida

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Growing hydroponic lettuce in +50C (122F) using a retractable cooling house and fog

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Fresh Technique, NSW Australia

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Hydroponic lettuce production in tropical South Florida in a Cravo retractable roof greenhouse

Book summarizing the 35 years of experience and history of the retractable roof houses, 4th edition


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