Young Plants

Retractable roof houses have proven to be especially beneficial when growing young plants in warm and hot climates since the plants can be grown stronger with the proper conditioning to experience minimal stress when transplanting. Closing the roof when outdoor conditions are adverse ensures that the young plants are ready on time. Retracting the roof when outdoor conditions are ideal exposes the young plants to high light and low humidity conditions which helps ensure that the plants are "grown hard"...instead of grown soft in a conventional greenhouse after which the grower has to try to harden them.

Young plants grown in a retractable roof greenhouse or cooling house:

  • develop a compact structure with a large root system to help prevent excessive water stress after transplanting
  • develop leaves with a thick wax layer helping to protect plants from disease and insect pressure after transplanting
Young Plants

Young Plants  Young Plant Videos

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Update on comparison of Atlas blueberries in a retractable cooling house and tunnels, Mexico, Feb/21

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Transplanting tomatoes in 39C temperatures in a retractable roof house, Antalya Turkey August 2

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Young plants performing well at 45C in the Cravo Education and Training Center, October 25, 2014

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Retractable roof house with retractable insect net for young plant production in South Africa

Book summarizing the 35 years of experience and history of the retractable roof houses, 4th edition


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