45 Years of Experience Across 6 Continents

45 Years of Experience

We are a 45-year old Canadian, family-run business with 38 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of automatic retractable roof houses. We’ve built up substantial experience through research and by partnering on projects across 6 continents in the fruit, berry, vegetable, flower and reforestation sectors..

Our Approach

When our customers approach us looking for a solution to their production problems, or they want to exploit new opportunities in the marketplace, we analyze the following items to develop a solution using the retractable roof production system :

  • advantages and challenges of the current production system
  • market prices for the produce per month
  • our customers desire supply large buyers consistently throughout the year or to supply the open market
  • general weather constraints and major climate risks
  • costs of production
  • the level of technology that can be managed by the staff

We will then follow the 10 steps to determining the best Retractable Roof house solution. The process concludes with an ROI analysis where the retractable roof production system is compared to other production systems.

Our Continued Focus on Research & Learning

We invest in our own R&D facilities in mild and hot climates to develop optimum crop management protocols using the automated roof and walls. We are constantly expanding the crops we are growing inside retractable roof cooling houses and greenhouses to help our partners reach even higher levels of profitability.

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Welcome to the Cravo Demonstration and Education Greenhouse

Interview of Richard Vollebregt, President of Cravo

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Part 1

00:05: History and stages of development of retractable roof houses

05:42: How does the change in plant development impact on disease and insects?

10:22: Computer automation strategy and how it differs from conventional greenhouses.

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Part 2

00:05 : Overview on the different retractable roof models

03:13 : What could be the maximum size of one structure?

09:07 : Why does a retractable roof covering last longer than a retractable roof greenhouse poly? Hail/wind resistance

14:02: How do you ensure that you get a good return on investment and why farmers in India and the Middle East have struggled to be profitable using conventional greenhouses?

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Part 3

00:05 : How growing different crops in different climates led to the development of the retractable cooling house.

07:45 : What is the profile of a typical user who adopts retractable roof technology?

10:13 : How does Cravo define success?

Meet the team that delivers
quality customer service 24/7

The team

Management Team

Richard Vollebregt


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Graham MacDonald

VP Operations

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Anne Jackowetz

VP Finance

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Paul Vollebregt


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Business Development Team

Ben Martin

USA, Canada & Caribbean

Bede Miller

Australia & New Zealand

Carlos Ruiz

Mexico, Central & South America

Rajender Kumar

South Asia

Robert Rouhof

Western Europe

Yosun Cengiz

Middle East & Balkans

Customer Success Team

Jeff Drabble

Technical Support - Installation

Jesus Lopez

Technical Support

Shashank Jain

Technical Support

Arturo Gonzalez

Cravo Demonstration and Training house Manager

Rick Stamp

Parts & Service

Meghann Gibson

Project Administrator

Wayne Lickers

Product Manager

Shane Lewis

Project Coordination Supervisor

Pat Van Acker

Project Coordinator

Craig Wales

Project Coordinator

Shyam Dhulkhed

Project Coordinator

Shannon Taylor Bissett

Accounts Receivable

Paul Vollebregt


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