Here at Cravo we work with growers around the world to create more profitable production systems that utilize automatic retractable roofs.

At Cravo, we love to help our customers improve their production systems to increase their profitability. Our retractable roof technology allows growers in warm and hot climates to produce high quality fresh fruits and vegetables especially during times of the year when it is difficult to grow. As you will learn, our goal is to help you achieve superior financial results by combining your market opportunities along with local weather conditions, plant physiology, computer control strategies and retractable roof house models and covering options.

The Science Behind the Retractable Roof Production System

The retractable roof production system or RRPS has been developed by Cravo over the last 35 years, to help growers create superior results using a system that combines the benefits of climate optimization, nature and protection.


10 steps to creating your “Retractable Roof Production System”™

35 years of experience with Retractable roof coverings, drive systems and structural designs.


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