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Cravo Family of Retractable Roof Greenhouses/Shadehouses

An overview of the different uses of the houses plus details of the Cravo retractable roof design plus the 4 different greenhouse models.

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X Frame Retractable Roof

A new lower cost retractable roof house which protects crops from rain, hail, and excessive cold, heat and wind

16 years experience growing peppers and cucumbers in a Cravo retractable roof greenhouse

50 varieties of tomatoes in a retractable roof greenhouse at Hasel Tarim, Antalya Turkey Nov 2012

Introduction to Retractable Roof Production System (RRPS)™, Part 1

See how food crops, flowers and trees can be produced using the RRPS and how disease and insect pressure can be reduced due to improved plant health.

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Introduction to Retractable Roof Production System (RRPS)™ , Part 2

See the impact of sunlight and the retractable roof on plant and soil temperatures and how the retractable roof can reduce the need for fossil fuel heating

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Retractable roof greenhouse reduces summer soil temperatures by 25C or 45F without fans or fog