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35 Years of experience with Retractable Roof Coverings, drive systems and structural designs

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The difference between a retractable cooling house and a conventional greenhouse

6 Steps to Create the Optimal Retractable Roof Production System

Step 1: Choose the house model which best addresses your climate and crop needs

Download our 6 Steps PDF to compare models and their specifications.

Step 2: Choose the colour of the roof covering

The retractable reinforced polyethylene roof coverings are available in clear and white. The best colour for your project depends on whether you are growing in a cold or hot climate.

Step 3: Decide if a rain canopy should be added to allow for ventilation through the roof when it is raining

If you would like to be able to ventilate during rain for humidity control, then it is recommended to install a rain canopy.

Step 4: Decide if additional climate control is required

Choose whether to add one or more of the following: a misting system, a stationary or retractable insect net, an interior retractable cooling, shading and heat retention curtain system.

Step 5: Decide on the design of the perimeter walls

The optimal design of the perimeter walls will depend on: temperature, humidity levels, insects or rodents, wind exposure, extreme weather.

Step 6: Automate the control of the retractable roof and walls

Over the last 10 years, Cravo has developed special sensors and computer control algorithms to ensure that you can take full advantage of the benefits of both the natural outdoor conditions and a protective greenhouse and shadehouse environment.

6 Steps to Choosing a Retractable Roof Production System


Book summarizing the 30 years of experience and history of the retractable roof houses, 3rd edition


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