Producing cucumbers when temperatures exceed 30C (86F) can be challenging in conventional houses especially when outdoor humidity levels are high. We have proven that it can be quite easy to grow 3 crops of cucumbers in warm and hot climates (12 months per year) even when outside temperatures exceed 39C (102F) by using a retractable cooling house with a stationary or retractable layer of insect net under the retractable roof

The insect net under the roof helps provides a stable microclimate that is free of insects helping to reduce losses from virus. Retracting the net can be helpful during the winter to help increase light levels and leaf temperatures.

The retractable roof being installed above the insect net helps optimize leaf temperatures and humidity levels inside helping prevent the foliar diseases. The roof will be used to help cool by blocking sunlight midday helping to prevent the heat from entering below the insect net. The retractable roof will also be used to protect from rain, cold and dew.


Cucumbers  Cucumber Videos

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Cucumbers and peppers growing in 39C without cooling pads, fog or fans, Culiacan Mexico

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Cucumbers - Cravo Demonstration and Education Center, April 24, 2015

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Cucumbers wilting in direct sun but protected by retractable roof

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16 years experience growing peppers and cucumbers in a Cravo retractable roof house

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Retractable Roof Greenhouse with tilapia, lettuce, herbs and cucumbers

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Discussion with Carlos Ruiz on vegetable development in the Cravo Demonstration Greenhouse, May 3, 2016

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Update on the 2016 2017 trials at the Cravo Demonstration and Training Center, January 5, 2017

Book summarizing the 30 years of experience and history of the retractable roof houses, 3rd edition


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