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Over 100% increase in berries and cherries in a retractable roof greenhouse

Cravo roof coverings stand the test of time and hail

Cravo pushes deeper into Africa

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Welcome to Cravo

For over 29 years, Cravo has led the world in the design and supply of retractable roof greenhouses/shadehouses helping farmers to optimize growing conditions while protecting hectares of crops in minutes from extreme heat, cold, wind, hail, snow and insects. Our specialization and experience has helped us to create a wide range of structures, roof coverings and drive systems to meet your crop requirements, weather conditions and budget. Our retractable roof houses have been installed in all climates and have withstood the extremes of snow, hail, and wind including eight hurricanes.

Our extensive experience and focus on understanding crop responses and return on investment has culminated with the development of the "Retractable Roof Production System" ( RRPS)™. This production system allows farmers to produce more food per hectare, producing larger fruit with a longer shelf life, over a longer harvest season while using less water and virtually eliminating chemicals. Farmers accomplish this simply by using the retractable roof to take advantage of the benefits of the natural outdoors, a greenhouse and a shadehouse environment while avoiding the negatives of each.

We have documented 36 ways in which farmers can increase the profitability of fresh fruit and vegetables 50%-100% per kg and achieve a 2-5 year return on investment using retractable roof greenhouses. The RRPS™ also helps farmers increase the sustainability of food production particularly in warm and hot climates helping the world cope with the shortages in food, water and energy. With sales offices in Canada, Mexico, Spain and Turkey, Cravo is well positioned to help growers worldwide produce crops more profitably and sustainably while coping with the erratic changes in global weather patterns.